It’s been a while right?! A lot to work on and I’m still working on my new app, coming soon. It’s hard when you are the only one in your company and have to do everything including but not limited to taking care of our baby boy, yes I’m Mr. Mom too.

So the good new is I will be posting some tutorials soon after my releasing of my 5th app. So it occurred to me that it would be a good idea if I hear anything from you? Since my last tutorial Corona changed a lot and I’m not using Director anymore. I’m also using imagesheets, sprites and texture packer, so a lot has changed.

So I’ll be waiting for your comments about which tutorials you’re more interested.




About adrianeraldo

Adrian Eraldo a.k.a. "The one man studio" is a multi-talented individual living in Vancouver, BC. He's offering post production services such as voice over, Spanish-English translations and film editing; currently volunteering at and working on shorfilms of his own. He is also an app developer for Apple, Barnes&Noble, Amazon and Google Playstore. As of Today he has 14 apps published. On the side he also provides computer support and tutoring. If you want you can follow me on Twitter @adrianeraldo

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