Kawaii Easter Egg Hunt – Run Bunny Run


Kawaii Easter Egg Hunt – Run Bunny Run

Kawaii Easter Egg Hunt – Run Bunny Run

Run Bunny Run is a cute little game inspired in the Japanese Kawaii style. It is a runner bunny that has to collect as many eggs as possible before he gets too tired or pinched by a cactus.

The bunny needs to collect candies too although this is not necessary since this Kawaii Bunny seems to like carrots as well.

We don’t really know if he eats the candies or he collects them. Neither we know what he does with the eggs after the game ends. Anyhow just tap the screen to hop. Avoid the cactuses or cacti whichever you feel more comfortable but please avoid them!

This is a free game intended to promote our other games.

I hope you like it and please let us know if there’s anything you would like us to change so we can improve it on our next version.


Kawaii Easter Egg Hunt – Run Bunny Run

Kawaii Easter Egg Hunt – Run Bunny Run

Kawaii Easter Egg Hunt – Run Bunny Run

Available in :

Kawaii Easter Egg Hunt – Run Bunny Run

Kawaii Easter Egg Hunt – Run Bunny Run

Kawaii Easter Egg Hunt – Run Bunny Run @ the playstore

Kawaii Easter Egg Hunt – Run Bunny Run





ABC in Spanish for Kids – aprendo el abecedario en Español

Yes, my new app is ready in the Barnes and Noble App-store, and soon in Apple and Amazon.



NOOK App : ABC in Spanish for kids - aprendo el abecedario


Baby Learn and Play Center

Baby Learn and Play Center is a multi-app; it has various apps within one.
On this version we are introducing this new concept “The baby lounge app” which is a baby room looked from above where the child can find her toys on the floor. This lounge is also interactive and serves as a container for the rest of the apps.
This we believe is an excellent app for the youngest up to 6 years of age.
In Baby Learn and Play Center you will find 3 toys in total; and of course more in the future.
The first one is a Turtle that has several knobs. Each of them connects to a specific figure.
The second is a messed-up-piano or a piano that doesn’t play a single note!. Actually it resembles a piano but each key has a different and funny sound. It can also serve as a sound board.
And the third one is a toy soldier that fires bubbles.

We believe that each of the toys has a different learning approach and we would like to hear from you to see what we can improve or add in our future versions.
Thank you.

NOOK App : Baby Play and Learn Center

We are proud to announce our new children’s interactive book  for the iPad and Nook Color: Albie and friends.

So what is it about?. Albie is a little girl who likes to pick up flowers and make new friends. In this volume she will meet Paco and Coco. Join her and interact with the characters and laugh. This is our first interactive book for children. We would love to hear your comments!

In our interactive book we also added voice overs from real actors not just a read-out-loud narration. Each character has a different voice and emotion. If you like you can even download the lite version for free here.

Click on the image to go to the App Store now or here for the Barnes&Noble store.

If you like the app please rate. Thank you!.


Educational Apps for Children

The New Minifono Candy Toy Phone IS NOW AVAILABLE in the App Store !

New minifono candy available soon in the appstore

Toto’s Minifono Candy

Minifono Candy Toy Phone for kids  is an educational app that can run on either iPad, iPhone  and of course iPod touch; and now also available in the NOOK Color!. In other words buy it once and use it in all your devices! all that for 99 cents.

Minifono Candy Toy Phone is toy phone that teaches the numbers in English and Spanish. Every time you touch a button it will say that number out loud in both English and Spanish; making it easy for your child to learn the numbers in a very short time. You can also read the numbers on the screen.

This version features 3 different toy phones,  has new graphics, sounds and simulated gravity. Here’s one snapshot:

Now you can see why we call it Candy Toy Phone. I hope you like this new version and please share it with your friends.

Thanks for visiting!
We specialize in educational apps for Ipad, iPhone and iPod touch.

NOOK App : Minifono Candy Toy Phone

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